As we celebrate fathers this month, we must answer the eternal question, “What to get Dad?!” It’s hard to find gifts for dads that feel like presents instead of a…

As we celebrate fathers this month, we must answer the eternal question, “What to get Dad?!” It’s hard to find gifts for dads that feel like presents instead of a line-up for the honey-do list: that drill will surely fix anything, or this grill tool will certainly help make dinner. The other category of Dad Gifts is just as bland: ties, underwear, or sock gifts.

What Do Dads Want?

Why is this so hard? We tear our hair out every year to find a gift for dad, and he really doesn’t need one more whiskey tumbler, coffee mug with the kids’ picture, or gag gift like those dice for his car mirror. What do Dads want?
If we break it down, seems like we expect mothers to enjoy all the feelings and fathers to enjoy being useful. So, gifts for mothers veer toward anything sentimental, and for fathers, we head straight to utilitarian types of gifts. However, we don’t have to follow these parameters. In a household devoted to the family, it’s often hard for the parents to claim space for their individual needs. Before becoming a father, he was a man who had interests and time. A great gift for Dad recognizes these qualities of his role in the household and his individuality.

Rather than give Dad things, consider giving him experiences, places, and activities.

Tickets, Please. Take dad to an event where he’s never gone before. Think bold and fun like a derby (monster truck, horses, etc.), or energetic and exciting like a music venue (rock, orchestra, festival, etc.). From comedians to concerts, there are many options to get tickets for Dad and experience something that he will never forget.

Make A Place. Long ago, Dad probably had a room decorated with posters of his favorite sports team, musician, or actress. Often, dads are relegated to garages or basements for their “man cave” or workshop. So, a special gift is to carve some space in the house that’s about him. Devote a shelf to decorations meaningful to his life or create a sitting space like a mini den or office: add a comfortable reading chair, ottoman, and area rug to an unused corner or put a small writing table near a window with a handsome leather desk pad.

Getting Active. There are many times that dads get sidelined in the family, so bring him front and center for a fun activity just for him. Maybe he liked archery as a kid or took Taekwondo in high school. He might have a type of food from childhood that you could find at a local restaurant. Find out the activities that he likes, set up time, and go with him to learn about the things he likes. Do something with him instead of for him.

The Ultimate Gift
You don’t have to choose just one! Pick and choose a few or make it a full weekend and go for all three.

Whichever you choose, have a Happy Father’s Day!

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