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Could the items on your nightstand give clues into what’s going on in your life? I think so!

HouseBeautiful’s newest webseries, Style Improvised, recently asked eight designers, myself included, how to style a bedside table. Some of our methods were similar, others were vastly different.

While I could’ve shown an example of a magazine-styled nightstand. Instead I chose to show in reality what’s beside me when I fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning. During my segment, I explained why each item is significant. To my surprise, I also revealed a reoccurring theme in my life— the constant pursuit for simplicity.

The small piece of real estate beside my bed is an area that I can easily control. Keeping it down to the bare minimum gives me a sense of completion at the end of the day and a clean slate in the morning. The absence of clutter gives me clarity which is essential to someone who wears as many hats as I do.

So what’s on my nightstand? Let’s take a peek.

Erika Ward Interiors Nightstand for HouseBeautiful for Style Improvised Series

Practice restraint. My bedside table is actually a three drawer chest. With so much surface area, it’s tempting to crowd the top with a bunch of small items. Instead I’ve chosen meaningful pieces with a larger scale, accessories that are proportional to its overall size.

Erika Ward Interiors Nightstand for HouseBeautiful for Style Improvised Series

Keep it together. The mirrored tray corrals all of my smaller objects into one pretty vignette. Nothing falls behind the chest when it’s all contained in one area. I love how the tray captures the light from the window making this piece appear more airy opposed to it feeling heavy.

Erika Ward Interiors Nightstand for HouseBeautiful for Style Improvised Series

Live a little. Nothing beats the aroma of fresh flowers at your bedside. Something beautiful and living like flowers, or even a plant if you have allergies, awakes this corner of the room and makes it feel extra special.

Elevate the everyday. This keepsake box was given to me by a dear friend many years ago as a bridal shower gift. Personalized, it’s one of my treasured gifts that I love keeping close to me. Inside you’ll find essential oils, small jewelry, and even night creams. Essential oils like lavender work wonderfully to help relax at the end of a long day, conversely grapefruit essential oil energizes and provides mental clarity.

Consider this. Next to my bedside table is small seat that I call my easy chair. In the evening, I may read or chat with my husband but it’s a signal to me that it’s time to wind down. In the morning, I may sit in this chair to pray or get mentally centered for the day ahead. Any other time it’s a place for one of my children to plop down when the bed is full. If you are a mom, then you’re fully aware that our side of the bed is a popular hang out spot.

So what do you think my nightstand says about me?

What does your nightstand say about you?

Here’s the HouseBeautiful Style Improvised video.

Spoiler Alert—there is no wrong way to style a nightstand unless your nightstand looks like my husband’s. I don’t know how he falls asleep with a pile of mail beside his head.

My advice is to keep close what helps facilitates you in becoming your best self each day. Only you know what this is!

Be blessed, Friends!


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  • at home with ashley
    July 15, 2020 7:41 pm

    Drawers are my nightstand’s best friend! I have a lamp and some books on mine. All the clutter gets hidden away in the drawers.


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