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If this is your first time visiting, welcome! I’m Erika Ward, owner and principal designer of Erika Ward Interiors. Our Atlanta-based firm uses our concierge-level interior design services to help busy professionals make their homes their sanctuaries.

This is my second season as a featured designer for the One Room Challenge and I’m thrilled to be included again with an esteemed group of creatives, fabulous sponsors, and our media partner Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. Last season I breathed new life and greater functionality in our family’s kitchen. We’ve since enjoyed it tremendously especially now that we are spending more time at home. You can read about the final reveal, here.


This season, I’m inviting you for a peek behind the curtain of our new showroom in Fayetteville, Georgia. We were in the midst of an extensive build out when the pandemic hit. I’ll admit, panic struck and I wondered what would become of our dream. However, we are continuing to develop and implement our plan while also sharing our progress via the ORC. You and our wonderful clients give us the momentum to push through! Thank you for rooting for us!

Let’s do this…together!

The showroom has a total of 1550 sqft. and for the ORC we will spotlight the back of house areas which include the wet bar, conference room, and my personal office. The overarching design aesthetic is one that incorporates a tranquil, residential environment but in an office setting. You certainly don’t get that from these before images.

Any designer will tell you that pulling together a design for your own home or office is excruciating. We are incredible decisive when it come to making decisions for clients, but when designing for ourselves we often times have a bad case of analysis paralysis. I’ll teach you how to overcome this in the following weeks.

Debated on whether or not to share the rendered rooms for fear of giving it all away upfront. But then I figured it would be a powerful way to display the effectiveness of computer renderings and how close the illustration is to the final results! Here’s the wet bar, conference room, and what’s to be my new private office.

Wet Bar Design – Erika Ward Interiors
Conference Room Design – Erika Ward Interiors
Private Office – Erika Ward Interiors

There’s so much to come which is why I’m glad this season’s ORC has been extended by two weeks! I plan to go into great detail behind “the why” of every decision we are making. It’s going to be quite an education, yet fun ride! Stay tuned.

Please also visit my other comrades as they share their plans for upcoming projects. I can’t wait to see what everyone is doing.


Be well…

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