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I’ve been decorating a slew of bedrooms lately, even been making some major changes to every bedroom in my own home.

One client commented, “Wow, as much as I’d love to crawl into bed I’m not sure if I can fix it back the way you did.”

I’ll be the first to admit, there are times I woke up in such a hurry that I felt that it was a waste of precious time to make the bed. In an effort to slow it down a little, I’ve taken the extra five minutes in the morning to tidy up.

The result? I feel much more organized and clearheaded. Plus, I’m not in a frenzy trying to straighten up if someone happens to drop by. With my master bedroom at the front of the house, I like to be able to keep my door opened. After all, I’ve spend my time and money to decorate it beautifully.

If you are looking to clear the clutter from your mind and your bedroom, check out this two minute video produced by One Kings Lane on How to Make the Perfect Bed. Does this motivate you to make a change?


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