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Over a decade ago, I exchanged my corporate life in building construction for an opportunity to enhance your personal home via decoration and renovation.  My mission? To help busy professionals make their homes their sanctuaries.

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About two years ago, I reconnected with Emily Sistrunk at our neighborhood playground. I hadn’t seen her since we graduated college and we quickly updated each other on the past and present. While in school, I remember her working at the local department store as a makeup artist. She sat me down in her chair and in no time had me “catwalk ready” when in actuality I was only headed to a Corporate Finance class. I remember commenting about it being a bit “over the top” for everyday wear. She simply replied, “Sure, for most people but not you Erika.” I laugh at that to this very day!

Today, Emily is an Atlanta based stylist, specializing in fashion catalog and print advertising. Currently represented by CREWS, Inc., she boasts an impressive client portfolio which include Macy’s, Mens Wearhouse, LOFT, Carters/ OshKosh, Jones New York, Adidas/ Taylormade, American Airlines, Coca Cola, Miller Lite, Island/ Def Jam Records, EMI Records, and Turner Broadcasting.


photography, Leigh Germy  

Ideal work environment…
A tropical location? Actually, one of the best things about my line of work is that everyday is different. Whether we are shooting on a beach or in a studio-every client is different,  every shot is unique, fashion is constantly changing and so my focus is constantly changing. So I guess my ideal work environment is one that is always evolving creatively, working with people who are equally passionate about what we are trying to create.

When not styling…..
I am usually spending time with Donovan and Paul, I am at home reading a book, or cooking and enjoying my down time. Styling is a pretty high stress job, so when I get the chance to relax, I really relish it. One thing I am NOT doing…shopping!

photography, Alberto Oviedo

As far as other stylists who have influenced me, I like Brana Wolf, Camilla Nickerson, and of course Grace Coddington is genius. I’m also constantly looking at photographers work, the color and composition…Tim Walker is a favorite of mine. Personally though, my parents are my heroes. They have been completely supportive of me, and never doubted that I was making the right decision for myself by going into this business.

photography, Alberto Oviedo    

Highest Compliment…
Of course it is wonderful to have someone tell you that they like your work and think you are talented, but since I work in an artistic medium I am never truly satisfied with my work. So the highest compliment to me is when someone compliments my work ethic.  There is no real “how to” guide on becoming a stylist. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication, so I am always happy when someone notices.

photography, Alberto Oviedo

Lucky Break…
Signing with my agency, CREWS, was a lucky break. They have really been instrumental in helping me build my client base, and take care of my day to day business needs.
Eureka Moment…

After a couple of years working in the music business after college, I just up and quit my job. I quit! (Not that I would necessarily recommend this) I had been styling for fun, working on my book for years and just decided I was going to try to do it full time. I knew that it was my passion, and figured that if I didn’t follow my dreams I would always regret it. It was a bold move, and I am very lucky that it has worked out.

photography, Alberto Oviedo  

I wish I had…
Quit my job earlier! No, I really try not to have regrets in life…every decision is the right one, because its the one I decided to make!

photography, Alberto Oviedo

Looking forward to…
Taking a vacation! I am currently working on a new website, so I am going to be so happy when that is done. I can’t wait for spring to come, which means more shoots outdoors and spring fashion (sundresses and sandals, yes!).

photography, Alberto Oviedo  

Best advice you’ve ever received…
My dad told me that I would never work as hard for anyone else as I do for myself. He was right! I love working for myself, and I love knowing that the effort that I put into each project is a direct reflection of myself.

I’m so unbelievably proud of Emily and all that she’s accomplished. She’s a great example of one who is driven, focused, and doesn’t mind investing hardwork and sacrifice to be one of the best in her field.

I love the advice she received from her father regarding entrepreneurship. What is some the best advice you’ve ever received?

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Hi, I'm Erika.
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Over a decade ago, I exchanged my corporate life in building construction for an opportunity to enhance your personal home via decoration and renovation. My mission? To help busy professionals make their homes their sanctuaries.

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