Growing up in a family steeped in creativity, I had the privilege of witnessing daily acts of artistic expression. My first mentor in the world of design was my grandfather, a distinguished architect renowned for his work with the federal government. Under his tutelage, I acquired not only the principles of design but also the intricate art of acquiring and revitalizing properties, a process integral to fostering urban economic development.

In pursuit of following in his esteemed footsteps and assuming a leadership role within our family enterprise, I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from The University of Georgia. My commitment to excellence led me to further my education by enrolling in Interior Design coursework at American InterContinental University.

I embarked on my professional journey at a prestigious international design/build firm, gaining valuable insights and experience in the industry. Subsequently, I transitioned to a prominent real estate development company, where I assumed responsibility for managing multimillion-dollar construction budgets, further honing my skills.

In 2006, I proudly unveiled the doors of Erika Ward Interiors, my Atlanta-based showroom and studio. This venture allowed me to seamlessly merge my astute business acumen, unwavering professionalism, and innate design prowess, thus contributing significantly to the residential design market.

Outside of my dedicated work at my Atlanta-based showroom and studio, I find immense joy in planning our next family adventure with my husband, Chris, while also cherishing the role of nurturing and guiding our five cherished children.

Erika Hollinshead Ward

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At times, life's challenges serve as catalysts for reevaluating what truly sustains us within our homes. Personally, my journey through my young son's cancer diagnosis ignited a profound transformation in my approach to design, emphasizing the role of the home in nurturing our mental and spiritual well-being.

In response, I dedicated myself to crafting a sanctuary within my home—a sacred space where I engage in meditation, prayer, meaningful conversations with close friends, and even occasional light office tasks. This retreat within my home has become a refuge, offering solace and tranquility amidst the emotional turbulence that often accompanies such trials in life.

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