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While eating breakfast one morning, I stared at a blank wall in my kitchen and brainstormed about ideas for creating a family wall. Here are a couple pics currently in my inspiration file.
The image on the left from Metropolitan Home is one of my favorite displays of family photographs. Very clean and classic, black and white images can make an inexpensive frame job look custom. The image on the right is simply adorable with its children’s art display among other family favorites. What a great way to encourage your baby Picasso!
I recently pulled this sketch of the kids from between my car seats. A street vendor outside of the zoo created this quick sketch for a donation of $15. Don’t be fooled into thinking they were still the entire time. One of the kids was in full tantrum mode. I am surprised the artist could remember what he looked like without the scowl on his face.
I decided to play around with a few stock images and frame my rowdy bunch on a virtual family wall. On that blank wall in the kitchen I think I will include our traditional birthday photos. On their first birthday, each of our kids has had their own birthday cake to dig into. It makes for a great big ‘ole mess, but also some great photo opps!

I also have their first chalk drawings and may even throw in that random sketch from the zoo.

{photos by Katlyne Hill Photography}

Here are a few more inspirational photos to get you on the road to creating your own family wall.

Do you have a family wall in your home? Which photos do your cherish the most?


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  • Mimi Scarlett
    November 4, 2009 2:55 pm

    Ahhh…I just love when you make it so easy for some of us beginners. All we have to do is follow the pictures verbatim!! Love, love, love the virtual wall!!! Now you got me thinking!

  • I love the idea of a family wall. I have tons of pictures in a tote. I am afraid it would look cluttered. Maybe we can work on this whenever you start visit the house.

    Angela Oliver

  • I've beening thinking about added more family pics in the house…we have some in our entry way that I love. I like the fresh idea of putting them in the dining room instead of just the hallyway.. Thanks


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