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If you caught Monday’s post, then you know I was at the High Point Spring Market preparing to celebrate a milestone in my career! I’m still on cloud nine! The…

If you caught Monday’s post, then you know I was at the High Point Spring Market preparing to celebrate a milestone in my career! I’m still on cloud nine!

The Backstory

I was invited by 42nd Street to create a one of a kind furniture piece through their Tastemaker program. I chose to design a game table to honor my husband, Christopher, for all of the support and encouragement he’s given me personally and professionally. As a working mother, I don’t believe I could have gotten this far without his “teamwork makes the dream work” mindset.

Inspiration Behind the Design

We all have at least one person that supports our wildest dreams or at least I hope so! I’ve been so fortunate to have that constant cheerleader be my husband. The cheerleader metaphor makes me giggle a bit because he’s actually a “decorated” football player and former professional coach. It’s in his nature to encourage me, challenge me (Good Lord, at time he’s too good 🙄), and celebrate me in such an authentic way. It only made sense to me for him to be the inspiration behind the design of my Christopher Game Table. So apropos, no?

Ideas on Paper
is is the original tearsheet I submitted. To further communicate the design idea and product usage. The main themes are QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP,  MASCULINITY, MULTIFUNCTIONAL, AND SLEEK.

The Final Product | Features
This hearty side table turns into a game table with just one flip. Under the top you’ll find a generous storage area that’ll house games, toys, blankets, and other items you’d want out of sight. The front of the table has a hidden drawer perfect for storing remote controls and small game pieces.

Why Chess?

While on a four-month bedrest with the twins, my husband taught me how to play chess. It’s a warm memory that made the chessboard a priority element.<
f you’ve never played the game, then I believe this quote perfectly sums up the reason why you should

Chess helps you to concentrate, improve your logic. It teaches you to play by the rules and take responsibility for your actions, how to problem solve in an uncertain environment.” – Garry Kasparov

Make It Yours

What I love most, is the that you can customize your game table according to your own personal style. Wesley Hall Showroom team opted for a gray finish for this vignette but imagine how handsome this piece would be in a painted navy blue finish!

Where to Buy
Purchase your own Christopher Game Table, have your designer visit the 42nd Street website. If you are not working with a designer they can put you in touch with a distributor in your area.

Final Thoughts
Thank you for your well wishes via text, social, and emails. I certainly felt the love and your celebratory spirit!!



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