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Today’s Tastemaker Tuesday features a hammer toting, Gucci tool belt wearing woman who is seriously talented and serious about style and great design. Who else can be fierce in stilettos while on a construction site, but Nicole Sassaman. Having a keen eye for building and reinventing homes for her celebrity clientel and other fat wallets, Nicole Sassaman has been flipping houses from Hollywood to Malibu and is also an interior designer and builder. She’s a triple threat in the industry of residential design and construction.

She currently holds a top slot on my list of people who inspire me. I admire her work and her vision for diamonds in the rough. Here are just a few of her amazing before and after transformations, others may be found on her site. Believe me, it was hard to feature only a few in this post. I wanted them all!

You can also find Sassaman’s designs in HGTV’s Designer Portfolio. She’s also written a book, Design Life, and has another book, Sassy Tips, due in stores soon.

If you are now one of her newest fans, you will want to check out this video where she shows how to decorate your house with 5 dollars in 5 just minutes! Take a look.

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  • Kelly@ColorSizzle
    October 14, 2009 12:00 pm

    Hi Erika,

    These are amazing transformations, and very inspirational for those who need courage to make that change in their homes. Thanks for stopping by Color Sizzle. Your blog is terrific, and I look forward to visiting again!

  • Hello,
    I love this transformations and I wanted to thanks to you that you share it with us.



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