Sharing Spaces – Tips for Hosting Loved Ones During a Recession

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“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” – Unknown

In today’s glooming economy, many families have lost jobs, depleted their savings, and broken their nest eggs in an effort to survive. Friends and families are welcoming displaced loved ones into their homes and at times the transition can be a bit rough. Here are a few tips to help the
transition go a bit smoother; the getting along part is a whole different topic.

If your home is now starting to resemble a shelter, consider these tips:

  1. Use a room divider to create a private space within a larger area. The use of a room divider will give any room in your home a new look and feel that enhances the room’s decor, creates new and interesting spaces, and makes large rooms feel more cozy and welcoming.
  2. Take inventory of furniture and storage needs. If it is necessary to purchase additional furniture, consider a trundle bed. Essentially a bed on wheels, a trundle bed can be stored underneath another bed and is a convenient way to have a guest bed available when you need it. It can be stored when not in use. Beds with drawers are also great space savers. The drawers take the place of additional furniture and preserve precious floor space. Before purchasing brand new furniture, shop local flea markets and Craigslist for small furniture needs. You’ll be surprised at what’s available and the money you can save buying second hand. Other alternatives such as storage boxes, cots, and air mattresses can be easily stored under furniture or in a closet.
  3. Allow the new occupant to help decorate the space they will be occupying. Be sure though to pare down as much as possible, but don’t make them feel as if you are stripping them of their personal belongings. Allow them choose what to keep, toss, or donate.
  4. This tip, I cannot stress enough, Practice Housitosis Prevention! Is this a new term for you? Simply stated, housitosis is when your house has bad breath. Common culprits are pet odors, dirty laundry, stale food, and shoe odors. We all have different household habits, but when living in a communal household the following is non-negotiable:
  • Wash clothes on a regular basis
  • Thoroughly clean pet accidents from floors
  • Clean litter box DAILY
  • Clean your kitchen DAILY
  • Do not leave kitchen trash in the house overnight

This tip list is not all encompassing, but these few are applicable in all situations no matter who the guest may be.

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