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Last week I buried my toes in the sand and basked in the sunshine of the Caribbean.

Jamaica opened her arms and gave this exhausted woman a much needed escape from a nightmare of a summer.

As you may or may not know, cancer tried to claim the life of our youngest son. However, I still made client visits and wore the face of a fresh-faced professional—praise The Lord for good concealer. It was tough, to say the least, but were still standing!

Our son is doing remarkably well now which gave me the peace of mind to go and seek—well, peace.

During my visit to Jamaica, I hired a driver to take me to The Round Hill Hotel and Villas. It was one of the two luxury resorts I contemplated when booking the trip.

At Round Hill, the pristine white guard house is a giveaway that you’ve arrived to high-end beachfront resort. The narrow roads lined by perfectly manicured flowering trees and shrubs usher you into another world. A movie set if you will. Ironically this was where “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” was filmed.

When arriving I instantly felt welcome. It was 88 degrees that day when Trevor greeted me fully suited and eager to escort me through the property.

Round Hill boasts a whopping 27 villas, 10 of which are currently undergoing extensive renovations, and 36 beachfront guest rooms. Known as “Pineapple House,” the guest rooms were designed by thee Ralph Lauren who also has a private property neighboring the resort.

The villas each have 3-5 bedrooms and have a dedicated staff of three. The one featured below has a private pool, green space, open air living and dining room, kitchen, an indoor living and dining, and well-appointed bedrooms and baths.

This resort provides a classic-style vacation. You remember the kind that didn’t include a constant search for a WiFi connection?

Round Hill offers a great signal, however, if you are looking to completely chill—read no pushy activities director or gimmicky spa packages this is your place.

At your leisure, feel free to indulge in their luxurious spa services, watersports, golf, tennis, guided tours, and boat rides await you. A shuttle services takes you to other independent excursions offered across the island as well.

Main Reception Cottage | Round Hill Hotel and Villas | Montego Bay, Jamaica

Indulgent ocean view from Villa #20


Open air living room designed by Meg Braff for Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Family Room in Villa

Fully appointed kitchen a 5-bedroom villa.

Private pool in villa | Round Hill Hotel and Villas | Montego Bay, Jamaica







Guest Room in Villa at Round Hill Hotel and Villas | Montego Bay, Jamaica

Open Air Tub

Guest Cottage – Pineapple House | Round Hill Hotel and Villas | Montego Bay Jamaica

Ocean View – Pineapple House | Round Hill Hotel and Villas | Montego Bay Jamaica


Common Area | Round Hill Hotel and Villas | Montego Bay, Jamaica

I hope to return soon with my entire family to Round Hill. I imagine the kids spending most of the day in the pool, the boys safely wandering around the property, and Chris snorkeling. Our youngest daughter would be getting a private lesson painting with one of the resort’s artists.

After my baptism in the Caribbean Sea, I’ll join the private basket weaving session or simply enjoy doing nothing at all.

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