Whew! Where do I begin? I stopped and started this post so many times that I finally decided to just let it flow freely. So here it goes. Unedited, but…

Whew! Where do I begin? I stopped and started this post so many times that I finally decided to just let it flow freely. So here it goes. Unedited, but spell checked.

Room Service Atlanta
is so much more than a non-profit organization. It is a dream realized and a bit of a sacrifice. Many long hours have gone into planning, building our website, securing sponsorships, marketing, etc. that my business has taken a backseat the past few weeks. I’ve received some constructive criticism about embarking on a non-income generating project instead of “winning bread” for my own family, but when your heart speaks you have to listen.

Our benefiting shelter is Nicholas House located in Atlanta’s Grant Park Community. What really struck a chord with me about Nicholas House is that they keep families together. I had no idea until now that men and women are generally segregated in most shelters and that a “family” constituted a married couple with children. As we know, families come in many forms from a father and daughter, to a grandparent raising their grandchildren.

Truth is any one of us, no matter how prepared we think we are, could experience circumstances that would leave us in a homeless shelter. Homelessness, like death does not discriminate. Imagine having to leave your current home with or without your life’s possessions. Could you live in one room with your family? If not, what would you leave behind? Hard to say, isn’t it?

Our slogan for Room Service Atlanta is simply, “Deserving Design Delivered.” No, interior design is not a cure all for homelessness, but it can do a ton of good for a person’s mental and emotional state. I’m so grateful to have a co-founder, Dayka Robinson, who has the same heart for homelessness as well as 12 designers who have joined us in this endeavor.

Interior Designers are problem solvers are we thrive on a good challenge. The rooms are small and people possessions are plentiful. When you see the following images, you will understand what I mean. Keep in mind that my challenge is NOTHING compared to what the residents are experiencing on a personal level. I am humbled and honored that they would allow me to help.



A father and his two daughters live here. It’s a bit difficult to see the floor plan, but I will post a sketch when I get some time. Lives will be changed during this project, mine included. My heart is full.

If would like to help in anyway, please click here and tell us how you want to serve.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Dayka (Life +Style)
    March 3, 2011 2:43 pm

    hello, fellow co-founder!! great, thoughtful post.

    Just remember, the Good Book says that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few… 🙂

  • Erika! I just wanted wish you a huge CONGRATULATIONS on Room Service Atlanta! Such a great cause and I applaud you for initiating such a wonderful program and getting the design/blogging community rallied around it. I can't wait to see what you all do with the spaces. Very proud of you! Congrats!

  • This is such an amazing project you girls have created. I wish you all the success in the world, and look forward to follow your it on RSA. The site looks fantastic btw. I will add it to my blogroll right away 🙂

    xo Linda

  • Congrats. Love the project and everything that you all are trying to accomplish. Glad to see that the site is up and running. I'm really excited that I will be featuring Room Service Atlanta during March For Charity. Hopefully, it further help spread the word about your great efforts and attract more sponsors and volunteers.

  • L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys
    March 4, 2011 1:36 am

    Can't wait to hear more on your projects for this cause. I think its wonderful that you guys founded a great organization!

    Who would have thought that Erika and Dayka would have teamed up! Amazing how life works:-)

  • Kelly @ JAX does design
    March 4, 2011 2:38 pm

    I think what you're doing is fantastic – you're going to make a huge difference in lots of lives. Good for you & Dayka and everyone else involved 🙂

  • Congrats, Erika! I love what you are doing and the site is fab. Email coming through soon. I want to put you in touch with a possible corporate sponsor that I think would be happy to help!

  • This really moved me when I first read it, so much so that I couldn't even comment. :o( My father raised my sister and I all by himself and things were a constant struggle for us. We were empowered by our own will and determination to succeed, the protection of our ancestors, and by the kindness of those willing to give of themselves.

    You are giving more than you realize to this family by doing what you're doing. I'd encourage others wishing to give to also write their congressmen regarding these policies at shelters, and regarding housing protections for tenants in difficult times.

    March 8, 2011 3:17 pm

    Awesome!!! This whole endeavor makes my heart fill with joy!!! Little angel wings await you 🙂

  • Jen of MadeByGirl
    March 9, 2011 2:28 am

    ERIKA, this is so cool and generous of you to do. In life when WE do something good from our hearts, God always GIVES it right back to you. I believe in giving and less taking…. I recall serving a few times at the Soup kitchen for the homeless and the many faces that walked through there to get a meal for the day…there were faces most of us wouldn't have expected. It was like you and me…and you're right,any of us can experience a circumstance that can leave us in a shelter…we are not bullet proof. If we hold too tightly too OUR things, God can always take it away someday.

    I'd love to donate a few prints to some of the kids….if this is something you don't mind, you can always get in touch. 🙂


  • ERIKA!!!! *big hug*

    i know i'm a bit late, but we have a rug, a sofa, and a few pictures that we would love to donate! i understand if it doesn't work with this particular project; however, it is ALL YOURS, if you want it. i will give you a call tomorrow + send you a few pics!


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