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When I was a child it seemed that my grandfather would take the long way no matter where we were going. Driving through residential neighborhoods was his preference, no matter how rich or how poor. It was usually on Sunday after dinner that we took our informal tours heading home from our favorite restaurant. As I look back I now appreciate the value in his architect’s critique on the style and structure of what seems like every home we passed. Clearly, this childhood experience had a heavy influence on my love of real estate.

Years later I find myself doing the same thing, checking out homes that are for sale and later looking them up on the web to find interior shots. If you didn’t know that you can find a steal in the Atlanta luxury home market, then let me be the first to tell you–there are amazing deals out there. For those of you moving here from states with a pricier cost of living, you won’t believe what you can get for your money. Many of my clients have capitalized on the break in house prices and have purchase their dream homes sooner than anticipated.

For example, here is a listing 105 Kingston Manor located in Buckhead, one of Atlanta’s most exclusive neighborhoods. It’s a 8 bedroom / 6.5 bath home with spectacular amenities currently for sale at $1.9M.

Located in a three home cul-de-sac, it appears to be a modest home from the front entry, but the rest of the house tells another story. It boasts a three-car garage….

…a gourmet kitchen

…a generous master bedroom. In my head I’ve already cleared this room and replaced the wall-to-wall carpet with hardwoods.

a nine seat home entertainment theater system…

a full basement where the men and children can play.

and a pool that guarantees every summer blowout will take place on your property. If the pool doesn’t confirm it, then this outdoor dining space will.

Just add heat lamps and start a roaring fire in the outdoor fireplace and enjoy dining alfresco all year long.


This home also comes with bragging rights: According to my friend and listing agent Brandi Hunter, it belongs to a well-known professional athlete and can be yours for a easy $1.9M. Any takers?
Contact Brandi Hunter (404) 564-9500 and/or twitter @B_Luxurious for more infomation.  


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