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It’s truly an honor to work so closely with so many amazing families. I feel especially priviledged when they let me in on sweet secrets about a new baby before the official announcement. We were already in the midst of designing the couple’s new home when I got the word to include a nursery design into my assignment!! Yay!

Designing a nursery for the firstborn child is an experience like no other.  It’s amazing how much stuff a little person needs, isn’t it? From the beginning we want nothing more than to help our baby made an easy transition from the warmth of our womb to the comforts of a nursery. It’s truly an honor to be part of that. 

Today I’m sharing the design for the Main Street Nursery! The room has a huge window seat much like the image below from one of my favorite decorators, Phoebe Howard. I instantly fell in love with the ikat pattern on the custom roman shade. Coordinating patterns on the throw pillows not only help to reinforce the color direction, it also makes this treasured space much more inviting.

Here’s another room in the same house designed by Mrs. Howard. The combination of lime and turquoise is so refreshing and totally gender neutral. 


In my original design I included a window seat in soft blue outdoor upholstery. However, I later decided on Dupione Peridot by Sunbrella. After seeing this image, I’m so glad I did!

Dupione Stripe Sunbrella

Here’s the original furniture and accessories plan. All of the furniture remained the same, however we changed the fabrics due to a sudden backorder situation with the lead fabric. I could’ve pulled my hair out. Thankfully, I didn’t 🙂


The new lead just as beautiful, but a lot less bold. I believe things happen for a reason and feel equally excited about this selection. This will be the fabric for the drapery panels and a throw pillow for the swivel glider. 


Here are the coordinating cushions.

And finally the floor plan. 
Everything should be installed before the end of the week! Whew! Baby’s arrival is near and I’m relieved be almost to the finish line. Can’t wait to share the rest with you including details on the furniture!




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