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Clifton Road is on the fast track to being one of my favorite projects to date. I’ve worked with the family in their previous home and excited that they have chosen…

Clifton Road is on the fast track to being one of my favorite projects to date. I’ve worked with the family in their previous home and excited that they have chosen to work with me again now on their THIRD move! Currently, we are in the master bedroom working to “erase the footprint” of the previous homeowners. Here’s how the room looked on our first walkthrough.

IMG_4866.JPGInitially, it was hard for my client to envision the bedroom as her own with all of the formality presented by the previous owners. If you are house hunting and have trouble visualizing how to make the space your own, then consider taking your designer along with you on a house tour.  He/She is  much better at helping you understand how to ignore what’s currently there and showing you how to insert your personality into the space.

Check the progress so far!


The room now boasts a neutral wall color, Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams, white linen custom drapery panels, a new upholstered bed, and an antique chandelier passed down from the my client’s grandmother.

Next, we are adding custom throw pillows, a plush slate-blue rug, new bedside tables, lamps, and a sofa. Below is the approved design concept.


Here’s a closer look at the lead fabric selection, Hot House Flowers by Celerie Kemble for Schumacher. I chose this blue-gray floral because it’s gorgeous color palette and though it features a large-scale floral print, the black and taupe accents makes it livable for her husband too.

His response, “I love it!” So surprising to hear because he’s a man of few words when it comes to decorating!


Here’s a closer look at the chandelier. Amazing how much it elevates the room, wouldn’t you agree?

Clifton Road Master Project Preview

“Crystal chandeliers are classic. Formerly found exclusively in formal settings, they now can be used in a variety of places to add an heirloom quality or a quirky contrast.” – via Erika Ward for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Recently I was featured in an article published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on the use of chandeliers in bedroom, Chandeliers Can Add Class to a Room. See other examples and learn why a chandelier may be your bedroom light fixture of choice!

To read more about using room boards, like the one above, in your decorating process I strongly recommend you check out my latest article for Glidden’s newly re-designed MyColortopia blog entitled, How to Understand Room Boards. I clearly explain how a one-dimensional presentation can transform into a three-dimensional space. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


How to Understand Room Boards

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Cheers to an even better weekend!



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