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One of my latest design projects includes the use of oversized photography. My clients, a newlywed couple I worked with last year, invited me back to work on the family room. They already have their major furniture items and custom built-in bookcases and are now looking for help with accessorizing the space.

One of their requests is to showcase their engagement photos somewhere in the space. Wanting to propose something a bit more daring than the usual gallery wall, I presented them with this inspiration image:

A formidable grid of oversized photography makes for an impressive statement in any setting…and most unexpected in a family room!

There was a brief silence followed by the words I hoped to hear, “I love it!” [insert wife’s hand clapping here]. Without further delay I headed to Ikea to pick up 6 of these 24″ x 40″ Ribba frames priced at $24.99. Not bad.

Once seeing these babies in person I seriously thought twice about this design [ok maybe three times]. Enormous I tell ya. But the most awesome part of the story is that my clients aren’t the least bit intimidated and we’re pressing on.

The prints were ordered on Friday and we are all so anxious to get the first frame hung. Stay tuned for updates.

Need more inspiration? Here are a few more images to get your creative juices flowing:

This layout was one of my first considerations because of it’s conservative display of one photo. I also loved that it was flanked by two wall lamps leaving more surface area on the end tables. image: Mrs. Howard

If my clients decided against the grid display in the family room, I would’ve suggested using an oversized photo in their entry way. image: Jeffers Design Group

Black and white photography also is a viable option, but for the images I’m working with, color would be best! image: Traditional Home

Have you displayed oversized photography in your home? If so, share your spaces with us on my facebook page! What do you think about the proposed design?


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