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Currently, I’m having the best time with a referral client in redesigning her family room. Her true design aesthetic can most accurately be described as global modern with a hint of whimsy. Relics from Malawi, Ethiopia, and various other regions of Africa are sprinkled throughout her home. Whimsical items include a limey green patterned rug she got at a steal from Anthropologie and a brown and orange patterned chair she affectionately calls her “Queen Chair.”

She’s still phasing out furniture items from her husband’s bachelor pad and she’s still attached to a comfy sofa her family can’t seem to part with…but in due time ๐Ÿ™‚

If you follow me on facebook, then last week you got this sneak peek of the preliminary accessories plan. I emphasize preliminary because just yesterday I came across a fabulous that must be added to the list. Take a look:

The family room has a wall of windows that overlook the most perfect indoor/outdoor entertaining space. Woven bamboo shades have already been installed on the windows, but I know drapery would take this room to the next level. Pulling from colors in the neighboring dining room, I suggested we go with navy blue drapery panels as featured in one of my favorite spaces designed by Nate Berkus.

A couple of hours after the appointment, I receive a text from my client suggesting a color change. At the start to the message I assumed she was getting cold feet and decided to go with a ‘safer’ option like oatmeal. Boy, she proved me wrong.

The featured color…tangerine. What a statement!

source unknown
melanie turner
ibb design group
amanda nisbet design

Orange-hued drapery is not for the timid. It’s a bold commitment to color especially since custom drapery is a big investment and it has to be done right. After sharing the above image with my client via text.

She replied “LOVE. Pick out the orange fabric you think is the best shade and place the order.”

Yes ma’am your wish has been granted.

What bold color moves have you made in your home’s decor? Any regrets?


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  • I love tangerine drapes. I wanted to use that color for my drapes a few years ago. I would have been totally in style now. itโ€™s going to be a beautiful room.

  • Gorgeous and bold! My kind of woman. Will they be custom made? Or do you purchase them for your clients?

  • Excellent Design! I really like your work. Do you do work in the VA area? I live in Northern Virginia Area (Woodbridge,VA). This is my email contact (

  • Haven’t made any bold ones in my own home but my current client aka friend of mine happened to mention that her fav color was yellow. So in with her chocolate,teal & turquoise color scheme, I threw mustard into the mix. We painted the walls high gloss mustard and this weekend I’ll be finishing the rest and adding the second coat of paint to the ceiling. I picked a metallic gold. It matches the motar on the brick accent wall. This is the most bold I’ve ever had the opportunity to do with a client so I can’t wait to see the end result.

  • […] sunroom. The initial plan specified safe navy blue drapery panels for the windows but a last minute request proved to be a game-changer!! On the opposite side of the room is a hearty fireplace sided by […]

  • My bold move was using a textured Tangerine colored fabric for a client’s sofa. With chocolate brown walls as a backdrop, the sofa really popped.


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