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Today’s reveal is actually the first project I completed on Milano Drive. We began in the heart of the home, not the kitchen, specifically in the breakfast area. This nook wasn’t the most inviting place to enjoy the first meal of the day. It lacked personality and presence. The biggest assets were the bay windows, the preexisting chandelier, and perhaps the homeowner’s version of Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles recipe.  

Delectable Dining

This breakfast area begged for an appetizing makeover that encompassed both pattern and color.

Here’s how we accomplished this goal:

  1. Replaced nickel drapery hardware with new wrought iron finish. 
  2. Designed, fabricated, and installed four custom linen drapery panels accented with a patterned banding, Sandoway Vine by F. Schumacher. 
  3. Replaced glass top breakfast table with new whitewashed pedestal table. I knew a table in a lighter finish would help to break up the sea of dark wood cabinetry. 
  4. We continued to “add light” back into the kitchen with a circular geometry rug. The straight lines helped to keep this setting casual from feeling too formal. 

Ravishing Redesign


In the same phase we tackled the neighboring gathering room. Here, you can see the fireplace wall was accented with dark paint. The entireroom felt dark so we lightened up the space with a warm neutral and painted all walls the same color. 

I often get emails and calls with from potential clients asking if I’m willing to still use their existing furniture. 

Of course! 

Make Room for Style 

The existing sofa and armchair were both huge pieces that seemed to float in the room like big ships in a small pond. We needed to bring in a few more furniture items (gasp!!) and some bold accessories to make the small gathering room live large. 

Here’s how we accomplished this goal:

  1. Reconfigured the furniture plan to accomodate new stone nesting coffee table, leather bench, and sofa table. The sofa table helped to both anchor the sofa and delineate the space from the kitchen. 
  2. Introduced navy blue into the color scheme via a large, patterned wool rug. 
  3. Replaced existing ceiling fan with a statement chandelier. Boom! It was like setting off a style bomb in there! We also brought in a substantial floor lamp in the same style. 
  4. Fabricated throw pillows in the same Sandoway Vine pattern seen on the banding of drapery panels in the breakfast area.
  5. Lastly, we brought in blue and white Asian-inspired artwork and pottery to satisfy her craving for all things chinoiserie. 



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