I once read, “Perfect skin is a status symbol.” It makes sense given the fact that people with greater disposable income have access to facials, luxury skin products, and the…

I once read, “Perfect skin is a status symbol.

It makes sense given the fact that people with greater disposable income have access to facials, luxury skin products, and the best dermatologists. The look of perfect skin is also achieved with the right foundation if you’re able to find it. Even with the infinite number of shades and coverages, finding the perfect match is nearly impossible without the help of a professional.

Based on my experience another conspicuous status symbol, at least here in The South, is a home with the correct exterior paint colors. Just last week I was asked to introduce myself to the clients’ neighbor, let’s call her Mrs. Jones. As soon as the house became visible, I knew that Mrs. Jones had professional help in making exterior color selections. From our conversation and from my ability to see the well-appointed living room through the glass paneled front door, I learned that she was a retired interior designer!

I’d be willing to guess that Mrs. Jones’ neighbor, not my client, took notice of their good fortune and borrowed the same exterior paint color from their stylish neighbor and used it for their home’s exterior. Unfortunately it looked totally wrong. In hindsight I should left my business card in their door.

sneak peek into an exterior color consultation document for The Modern Mediterranean Villa project.


Color is EVERYTHING especially in makeup and paint.

Last weekend I went to the makeup counter to purchase the same foundation shade as my aunt. She always had the best of everything. As a teen I was always giddy to receive the last bits of her makeup. She’d send me home with a black glossy shopping bag and I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.

Wait, who am I kidding?

Even as an adult I still considered ditching the beauty counter and heading over to her house. She had promised to give me a full bottle of Tom Ford foundation that was too light for her. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Instead I somehow thought about the exterior paint color scenario and stayed put.

I spent about forty-five minutes with a beauty advisor and came away with my perfect foundation and got much needed help in replacing a daily staples like a new lipliner, gloss, and bronzer.

Is your home wearing the wrong foundation? Unless you’ve custom designed your home, you’ve likely inherited the wrong exterior paint colors. Most builders and developers have no idea on how to choose or coordinate neutral undertones especially when specifying exterior paint colors next to stone finishes. Having the right colors for your home is critical because every selection affects the other. They aren’t the professionals you look to for advice on this. They specialize in the structural integrity of your home. However, we take their structure and apply the correct colors to further enhance the structure much like dermatological care and the right makeup provide the pathway to perfect skin.

Are you’re ready to put your home’s best face forward? Schedule a design consultation with us today though our convenient scheduling platform. If you think buying the wrong foundation for your face is expensive—consider the expense of choosing the wrong exterior paint color. We can help!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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