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As an interior designer I know a thing or two about designing a home. As a blogger, it’s my greatest pleasure to teach my readers how to turn their design…

Gingerbread House Family Activity

As an interior designer I know a thing or two about designing a home. As a blogger, it’s my greatest pleasure to teach my readers how to turn their design inspiration into action. And as a mother of five, my children are my inspiration and they teach me life lessons that I often times forget.


It just so happens that our tradition of creating gingerbread houses marries an important life lesson with my profession. When you build gingerbread houses with your kids, you build on a foundation of fun.


All work, and no play makes us dull, not delightful. In the hustle and bustle of life we have to remember what it’s like to see life through the eyes of a child. In their view, life is much more colorful and the possibilities are endless.


Building our gingerbread houses allows us to see that at the core we are all the same, but there a bunch of little things that make us special. Taking the time to create sweet memories, literally and figuratively, gives them confidence to be who they are and also fortifies your loving relationship.


Ziplock-To-Apply-IcingWe want the absolute best for them, don’t we? There are so many lessons to learn, in what seems to be so little time. They sure do grow fast. Let’s make each moment count while giving them the time and space to let their imaginations run wild.


Though we are a busy family of seven, taking time to establish our new traditions helps us to stick together—frosting and all.

Gingerbread Houses

Special thanks to Ziploc® for allowing me to share one of my many life lessons as we all reflect on what matters most this holiday season. 

Establish New Traditions of Family Fun!

This year’s limited-edition Ziploc® Holiday Collection offers a total of six storage and freezer bags (in this post, we used the quart-sized bag to pipe frosting onto the gingerbread houses) as well as Ziploc® Containers with One Press Seal.

The One Press Seal containers come in holiday colors – red, green, white and blue, and add a festive touch to any event or project you have planned.

We had so much fun with this at home, that we took our remaining ingredients in the new containers with us on our trip to the mountains. They are designed to be nested within each other when empty and stacked when full, saving valuable storage space!

With one simple press on the lid, the containers remained securely closed and the ingredients fresh as the day I purchased them.

This post was sponsored by Ziploc® in celebration of its #LifeLessons campaign. All opinions, solicited and unsolicited, are my own.

Photography by Chanda Scott

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