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I can’t express how blessed I am to have so many repeat clients. 

My Main Street clients used to be my Southhampton clients (I’m realizing as I type this that I never shared that project, more later). Their recent move has taken them to a much larger house which will take us some time to get through each room. I started in the terrace level guest bedroom, which you can see here. Now I’m working on their master bedroom. 

Here’s how the bedroom looked before we got started:

Main Street Master_before

and after it was painted.


And another shot after the ceiling was painted. 

We painted the walls and ceiling the same color and unified the tray by painting it the same color as the trim. The results yield a clean, contemporary look.


Next, came this fabric from Robert Allen Design—yes, I know usually I emphasize fabric or art first. However, I fell in love with the paint color, and the client fell hard after me. Happens like that sometimes. But back to the fabric,


It’s the latest collection from Larry Laslo for Robert Allen Design. We’ve had to wait a few weeks for it to become available, but I snatched up this morning when I got notice it was in. THIS, will be the drapery fabric. Yeeessssss!!!

There are so many color directions we could go and thank The Lord, the paint color is in this pattern.

Lastly, here is the schematic design plan. Main Street Master Bedroom by Erika Ward InteriorsWe’ve got a lot going here from luxurious drapery panels, to brushstoke lamps, brass accents, crystal chandeliers, Moroccan pouf, and leopard prints! It’s going to be an eclectic marriage of patterns, colors, forms, and textures. At the time I presented this to the clients, we were planning to use their existing bed. Then, I got a call that we will be replacing it with a new one ::rubbing my palms together:: I’ll be sure to update you on what I find!

Until the next post, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook for more sneak peeks.




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