I recently read an interview interior designer, Kyle Schuneman gave to Dwell Magazine where he was asked if men and women approach design differently. His answers were interesting and in…

I recently read an interview interior designer, Kyle Schuneman gave to Dwell Magazine where he was asked if men and women approach design differently. His answers were interesting and in a way comical.  He stated that men “have a need to claim their space…men want their place to function right, but they want it to be known as “theirs” with no apologies.”

 photography / powers and crews

Women on the other hand are more collaborative in their method. He explains that we consult magazines, friends, and television shows to assist us in making our design decisions.

 photography / manny rodriguez

Schuneman makes a really great point…I don’t ever recall my husband sharing decor magazine clippings with his buddies or discussing the new neutrals (not that anything is wrong with that). I have persuaded him to watch a design show or two with me. He was more likely to do so if they were discussing a basement design or some sort of man space.

I just found this observation to be food for thought and a great opportunity for discussion…

How involved is your mate in making decisions on decorating, etc.? Do you have similar tastes or is it more like the battle of the sexes? 

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  • Tammy@InStitches
    May 12, 2010 1:50 pm

    Since Mr. Stitches has been with me he's learned all kinds of new words like decoupage, swags, chartreuse………..yes, his friends make fun of him 😉

  • Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow
    May 12, 2010 2:04 pm

    that's funny tammy! just the other day chris said something about the "traffic flow" of the room…my eyebrows raised to my hairline! i guess he is listening!

  • Isabella & Max Rooms
    May 12, 2010 2:46 pm

    My Mr. never had any opinion until now, I think he is learning from his son. The thought of him looking at magazine clippings with his friends is a riot.

  • My husband patiently listens…but I suspect he doesn't really care. Would definitely like me to turn my attention to his office however, in which case I suspect his interest level will rise! Love those pics!

  • I always ask his opinion, sometimes I take it sometimes not. We don't always agree at 1st, then after my idea is done, he's usally happy with the results. We both like clean lines and no clutter, and fun pops of color in a room

  • Erica, it's funny you ask this question because Mr. X (that's his official blog world name), has never been interested in anything decor before me. Frankly, his idea of getting decor is going to the furniture store and picking one of the vinettes that they have displayed – all kit and kaboodle. Now, he's into looking at inspiration photos and color swatches and telling me what he likes. We are even going to reupholster these great pair of Louis chairs we found at an antique shop – I cannot even believe it myself. It's fun, getting him on my side as long as I agree not to make it too "frufuu" (his words, not mine)..

  • Hello Lover...
    May 12, 2010 9:32 pm

    My husband always has a very surprising and very opinionated view on anything I ask him design related. I never thought he would care about these things, but I'll talk about a reno idea, or a new piece of furniture, or paint color, or finish and he always has an opinion and will actually discuss these things. Does he ever pick up a design magazine or read any of these blogs – no. But he does seem to actually care what our home looks like which I appreciate. But sometimes I also think it would be a lot easier if he didn't really have an opinion, because when he actually cares, I feel bad if I don't consider his thoughts.

  • Tony could care less if I painted our house pink and purple with yellow stripes as long as it was in "his" budget. Well, maybe that's not true since he complains about all of the different shades of brown in our house!

    And he doesn't care about a design as long as he has a place for his things!

    Great post!

  • I love this post!!! That statement from Kyle Schuneman is awesome. I've never heard it put like that. Men will be men and women will be women.

    My hubby doesn't cut out magazine clippings or anything but he does have an opinion about things. Unfortunately most of the time he can't elaborate on his "design" opinion so I'm left to figure out what he can't say. He also can't see the big picture so most of the time he hates it until the whole room is finished. Then he loves it and raves to everyone. MEN!!!! xo, Cristi

  • Claire Watkins, ASID allied
    May 13, 2010 7:23 pm

    Yes, ma'am, very good point. I would be really worried if Adam started clipping from magazines and discussing colors with his friends mostly because I would have to start compromising with him on decisions. My other favorite thing about this post is everyone's comments. Now, I wonder how Mr. Schuneman would explain men's seemingly large scale aversion to painting wood stained furniture.

  • Is that way it is so hard to convince my fiance that he really does need my help organizing his office? Ugg, men are so difficult sometimes 🙂


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