Hey y’all it’s about time for another reveal post, right?

I couldn’t wait to share this project with you for so many different reasons. One, I LOVE the location. Collier Hills is a historic neighborhood nestled between Midtown and Buckhead. The community is full of charming bungalows and cottages much like this one.

Two, I love when I can help clients see their existing furnishings and accessories in a brand new way. Lastly, I was thrilled to do this project because the client’s design aesthetic is much different that the usual vibrant, traditional spaces I design. While it can still be described as traditional, I used a lot of rustic elements as accents and a quieter color palette. 

Let’s jump right in to the before and after…


 Big difference right?

The mantel is the first thing you see when you enter the room so it needed to have more impact. Therefore, I replaced the round, black framed mirror with a gilded sunburst mirror. It was one of the first things the homeowner mentioned upon entering the room for the first time. She admitted she would’ve never chosen it on her own, but loves the bold statement it makes in the space. When using conversation pieces like this, it’s best to accent the surrounding space with quieter moments. Here I decorated the mantel with her collection of glass vases and antique candlesticks. 

Next, I tackled the “what to do next to the fireplace” design dilemma. A set of equestrian themed sketches suited this horse lover perfectly. Framed up in a weathered gray finish, it complements the television console as well as the wall sconce.



Being the drapery-lover that I am, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the bay window. There were already beautiful plantation shutters in place so privacy was not an issue. However, I added two custom panels to soften the hard lines of the window. I saved a few dollars by buying hardware for the outer windows instead of installing hardware on the entire bay.

photo 2

We also purchased a sofa table and moved the sofa in front of the window to open up the room.


Do you love the drapery as much as I do?

I chose a fabric with a geometric pattern to both freshen and modernizes the home. The dark lines in the drapery and the lamp shades help to add an air of sophistication to the room and also unifies the sofa, chair, and bookcase.


Across from the sofa is the TV and a fab media console made from reclaimed wood. The wall behind the TV needed a little zhushing so I created a gallery wall of her favorite family photos combined with a collection of cityscape photographs. 


Notice how the wall has a collection of frames mostly of the same size, but there are a few with different finishes. I believe a slighly imperfect home makes everything a little more comfortable and realistic.  Lastly, a (real) fig leaf tree injects life into the space while also conveniently hiding the electrical outlets.

Prior to the redesign the sofa was positioned where it pretty much cut off the entire room. After moving it in front of the window, I knew I needed to address the area to the left of the 3
I added a new pieces, the bookcase, artwork, leather chair, and purchased another wall lamp to create a comfortable little reading nook.

Cottage_Makeover_ErikaWardInteriorsWhat a difference some good floor planning, skilled shopping, and a talented workroom makes in upgrading your exisiting decor. 

I can’t wait to show you what we did in the dining room. There are still a few more things to grab, but we are well on our way to another strong finish.

If you need assistance in reaching your home’s fullest potential, then please do not hesitate to contact me via email or telephone (404) 507-6110.

Thanks for reading!





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  • What a gorgeous room, Erika! The drapery fabric really sets off the space, as you said. I love everything about it.

  • Thank you SOOOO much for this post – it has helped this Midwestern girl significantly! My living room was set up exactly like your client’s before and felt closed off and small. I’m going to take your advice and move it against the windows to open it up!!! Any advice on how to work with a sofa with a built in chaise? Should I face the long chaise end closer to the fireplace or entrance?

    • Hi Kam!
      My first thought would be to place the chaise closer to the entrance, but it also depends on the width of your room. Just be sure the chaise does not prevent you from moving in and out of the room freely!

  • What paint color did you use on the walls?

  • BEAUTIFUL room and I love this rug! Where is it from? I’ve been having a tough time finding a good jute rug and this looks perfect. It’s funny, I actually have this same color in my living room and VERY similar drapery.


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