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Consider this, if you lived in Cameroon and was the king (or queen) of your castle, then a Bamileke stool would replace your traditional easy chair.

Also known as the King’s stool, bird’s nest, or donuts its artistic production is closely associated with the hierarchy of Cameroon leaders.

The fon, or the king, is considered to be the spiritual, political, judicial and military leader of their tribe and is greatly respected. Thus the stool was known the be the throne upon which the fon would sit on during these public ceremonies.

The inspiration behind the repeated pattern derives from spiders. The open pattern that you see, were believed to allow the departed loved ones to continuously be connected during the public ceremonies. The craftsmanship holds a great amount of significance in the Bamileke tribe. If there is a break in the wood, the entire process comes to a halt and the piece of wood is thrown away, because it is viewed as a curse. This split symbolizes a break in the life cycle, thus a bad omen.

Over the years, these stools have been found in many retailers across the world and have been used in modern homes. Can you blame them for replicating? These stools are gorgeous!

A few ways to incorporate Bamileke stools to your existing décor would be as an end table, coffee table or even occasional seating for both the indoor and outdoor spaces. Because of the organic hand carved web design, these pieces bring an unexpected, yet eye-catching element to any room.

Where would you incorporate the versatile yet fabulous stool in your home?

Featured Image: Andrea Goldman Design

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