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Are you critical of those who put up their Christmas tree before Thanksgiving? You may want to reassess your thoughts after the findings of a recent study.  Experts have shown that early decorators are happier and in touch with their inner child.

Before I visited the Atlanta Holiday Home, I was already making plans to deck our halls earlier than usual. After the challenging year we’ve had, my family could use the prolonged holiday cheer.

I gathered much inspiration from each meticulously decorated space and thought I’d share a few ideas with you.

Lauren Elaine Interiors

1. A little red goes a long way.

Aside from the appeal of a good cocktail, two wreaths hung from red satin ribbons instantly turned this butler’s pantry into a festive hotspot. To equally distribute the color a red floral bouquet, holly berries, and the sneaky little elf were added to the countertop. Can you spot the Elf on the Shelf?


Lauren Elaine Interiors

This next point has nothing to do with holiday decor, but I love the mixed metals happening here. The chrome cabinet hardware allows the brass faucet and sink to take center stage. Gilded framed art and the accent table lamp help to make the brassy metal feel more intentional.

Room designed by Lauren DeLoach Interiors

2. Coordinate your holiday decor with your existing color palette.

This living room designed by Lauren DeLoach Interiors is the perfect example of seamlessly integrating a holiday theme into your existing decor. It doesn’t matter what colors are in your room, there’s a wide range of ornaments and ribbon on the retail market that will blend effortlessly. Don’t forget about sources like Etsy, Amazon, and antique markets for unique items.


Room designed by Lauren DeLoach Interiors

White fleece stockings and the soft throw add texture without interrupting the room’s color palette. Even the satin ribbon beautifully mimics the color of the mauve throw pillow.

Room designed by Jessica Bradley Interiors

3. Add a velvet pillow to your bed.

The warmth of velvet signals that cooler months are here as well as the holidays that accompany them. Spend a little extra on a custom version to use year after year.


Room designed by Jessica Bradley Interiors

Here’s a closer look at the pillow accented with trim tape and a striated silk band down the center.

Room designed by Jessica Bradley Interiors

4. Mix ornaments in various metal finishes.

I love the look of a monochromatic tree draped in various brass, matte gold, and silver tones. Here’s tree that evokes the romance and magic that comes along with a season of giving and love.


Room designed by Chris Holt Interiors

5. Bring the outdoors in.

Of course you’ve brought the outdoors in if you’ve got an 8 foot tree in your living room. But what I’m saying is actually look around your yard for clippings that could be used as a mantel garland. It may take a little extra work stringing them together but it’s all part of the joys in decorating.

Room designed by Chris Holt Interiors


If you are super short on time, corral smaller ornaments in glass containers for a chic holiday vignette that takes less than five minutes.

In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood. – Steve McKeown, Psychoanalyst

My late grandmother was an early decorator and we absolutely loved it! She tasked me with photographing every single detail so she could remember what she had done. I think of my grandparents all the time especially during this season. I decorate to relive the magic of the holidays and to make wonderful memories for our children.

Are you an early holiday decorator?

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