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When I design a guest room for a client, I like to think of it as a retreat for weary visitors. It is a destination for rest and relaxation much…

When I design a guest room for a client, I like to think of it as a retreat for weary visitors. It is a destination for rest and relaxation much like a bed and breakfast.

Here, at our Clifton Road project, we had the perfect setting—a charming historic home complete with a lovely courtyard, lush green space, koi ponds, miniature golf course, scenic gazebo, the list goes on.

The guest bedroom already had a collection of time honored antiques, however it needed soft furnishings and accessories to create a more warm, inviting atmosphere. Below are photos of the client’s new “B&B-inspired” guest room and a few ideas to inspire a guest room makeover of your own :

1. Be a Guest in Your Own Home


Spend at least one night in your guest room and evaluate the experience. Is there enough light to read comfortably while in bed? Do the pillows need to be refreshed? Is the mattress comfortable? It’s helpful to role play as a guest in your home so you can anticipate the needs of your future guests.

2. Consider Their Need for Privacy and Light Control


There are several windows in this room, one of which faces the neighbor’s house. We had double-width, lined custom draperies made for the larger set of windows and wide-width drapery panels made for the pair behind the bed. The heavy draperies keep out the morning light until guests are ready to start the day and maintains privacy when they want to retire in the evening.

3. Additional Seating

GuestRoom_SittingArea_ErikaWardInteriors_CliftonA newly upholstered chaise lounge fits perfectly beside the bed without crowding the space.

If space permits, carve out a sitting area where guests can put on their shoes, read a book, or relax without having to actually sit on the bed.




A desk with mirror can be utilized as a dressing table if your guests otherwise have to share the bathroom. It is also a convenient place to write a letter or to set up a laptop for a quick email.


I’m willing to bet that your guest room is the least utilized room in your house—unless you’ve had a guest to overstay their welcome. However, I hope you now agree that it is one of the most important rooms especially if your home is someone else’s vacation destination.

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* Special thanks to Christina Wedge Photography for capturing this room so beautifully.

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