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When I think of family treasure, I rarely think of items of monetary worth. Material things fluctuate in value, but nothing is more priceless than old family photos. I recently wrote an article for houzz on the 8 Therapeutic Benefits of a Family Photo Gallery.

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Here are 8 compelling reasons to decorate with family photos:

Family Photos

  1. Tell the story of a place and time
  2. Boost your antique collection
  3. Provide a source of inexpensive art
  4. Provide a sense of representation
  5. Comfort you
  6. Help your children remember their ancestors
  7. Make a statement about what’s important to you
  8. Remind you of a proud heritage

It wasn’t until my grandparents passed away that I inherited a few of these family jewels. A few months ago my uncle sent me these photos via email. I don’t think he really knew how much these meant to me. To receive them was like Christmas in July.

Below is my maternal grandmother pictured with her in-laws, my great-grandparents. I don’t remember my great-grandfather at all. He passed away when I was still a toddler but for years I enjoyed a rocking chair he made for me.


Here’s my maternal grandfather, a handsome gentleman. If I had to guess, this photo is of his high school graduating class. I used Photoshop to create the corner photo inset to distinguish him from the rest of the group. In the actual photo, he’s the man in the middle on the top row.

Again, you will see my grandfather in the inset. The only information missing from the photo below is the year it was taken. I posted this one on Facebook and another cousin noted that his father [my grandmother’s brother] is in the photo, too.

I’ve yet to decide how I want to decorate using these photos. There are many more creative ways to display them outside of conventional framing.

For example, Brian Patrick Flynn made a larger-than-life statement using a family photo in his former loft.

via Brian Patrick Flynn for Decor Demon , See a tour of his former home here.
In his current home, Brian continues the tradition of honoring his family with this vinyl photo backsplash.

via Brian Patrick Flynn for HGTV

He also provides step-by-step instructions on how create your own photo backsplash here in this video for HGTV.

How will you display your family’s photos? A photo collage? A kitchen backsplash? Please share your ideas below



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