Our one-time, two-hour design consultation is a working consultation which means we cover a lot of ground from paint color selection, space planning, furniture/accessories selection, as well as decorating recommendations for the future. It’s perfect for the hands-on homeowner who’s looking to achieve a fashionable home without the cost commitment associated with full service design.


For our full service clients, Erika Ward Interiors provides turn key design for any room (or set of rooms) in your home no matter the size. We believe you should have beautiful, happy home that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and fits within your budget. Collaborate with us on creating a masterpiece to call your very own. Let’s get started.


The Design Consultation is the launching pad for every new project. During this two-hour meeting we will discuss the scope of your project, your goals, your budget, and shop your home and the web for items to complete your space. We’ll ask questions to learn about your tastes, your lifestyle, and how you intend to use the space. Please make sure all decision-makers are at this meeting.
During the consultation we will cover:
1. The scope of your project in detail…
This will include all the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space. To make the best use of our time, please prioritize your design questions so we can handle the most important issues first.
2. Your tastes, preferences, likes, dislikes, style and lifestyle…
I’ll ask lots of questions to get a better understanding of who you are. Please be prepared to also show us images that communicate your personal style.
3. Budget…
It’s best to work out your finances and set an overall budget before you begin the project. If you are unsure about where to begin, I will work with you to determine your goals and set a realistic budget for your space. We will first “shop your home” for items to include in the design, then head to the web to make final selections (within your set budget) for you to purchase at your leisure.
COST: $500
Here’s what our clients have to say about the design consultation service:
“I contacted Erika for a consultation on my decor and a color consultation for a future paint project. We scheduled an appointment and Erika arrived on time. She offered great ideas to guide me through the decorating process and to pull my overall decorating strategy together. Erika has an excellent sense of style and offered many ideas and source for me to purchase the furniture and accessories needed. I will definitely recommend her and will contact her for future projects.” – P. Willis


We at Erika Ward Interiors understands that interior design services are not only a big personal investment, but also a considerable financial investment. We handle your hard earned money with care and spend each dollar responsibly as if it were our own. Our 15-step design process gives you a clear view of our professionalism and organization throughout your client experience.
Our Design Process:
STEP 1: Initial Client Meeting
In this meeting, we discuss (in person) the rooms involved in the project, how you intend to use each room, and your ideas and goals for each space.
STEP 2: Letter of Agreement and Contract Signed, Deposit Paid.
Shortly after the initial consultation you will receive a proposal and letter of agreement. The letter of agreement will detail the scope of the project, fee structure, policies and procedures, and designer and client responsibilities. Along with signing the letter you will be required to pay the retainer fee. If there are two decision-making adults in the household both parties will be required to sign the letter. Once the signed proposal, letter of agreement, contract, and deposit are received by Erika Ward Interiors, we will move forward to the next step.
STEP 3: Scheduling
A time-table is developed for each step of the design process, purchasing, ordering, work to be done by trades, and final installation. This schedule will be presented to you during the kick-off meeting and adjusted along the way if unforeseen circumstances arise. A separate detailed schedule will be developed for any renovations and trades work. Please be aware that most projects take several weeks to a year to fully complete. The lead-time on custom-ordered furniture alone can be 6-8 weeks.
STEP 4: Kick Off Meeting 
The design kick-off meeting normally occurs within two weeks after the letter of agreement is received.
During the kick-off meeting we will review the design requirements and project schedule, you will meet any members of the design team involved in your project, and we will confirm that everyone is on the same page before we jump into the design process.
Where appropriate, we will also arrange to have the trades people who will be working on your project come in and take their own measurements for estimating purposes. Over the course of the project we will bring in any additional trades as necessary.
STEP 5: Space Planning
Carefully considered space planning is crucial to a well-designed space. After all the measurements have been taken we will develop floor plans for each room. Floor plans allow us to determine what can fit in a space, how it is arranged, and the scale of each piece. The amount of time this takes will vary depending on the scale of your project. Space plans will be created based on the information gathered in our Preliminary Consultation.
STEP 6: Design Scheme
Once we have decided on a floor plan, the next step is to create the design scheme. This starts with developing a color scheme and sourcing fabrics, furniture, fixtures and materials. Custom furniture and built-ins are designed and finishes chosen. Materials for flooring, counters and cabinetry are selected.
Wall and floor coverings are considered. Window treatments are designed and fabrics, trims and hardware are chosen. A lighting plan is developed. Drawings, samples and pictures are gathered.
Quotes and pricing are researched and cataloged. In other words, this is where it all comes together and every detail is considered. Throughout this step we will contact you at regularly scheduled intervals to discuss the different elements of the design. Clients will receive a weekly update via email on the status of their project.
At the end of this phase, you will be presented with carefully edited selections that represent the best choices for your space. Creating the design scheme is a time-consuming process and can require several weeks, depending on the scope of your project.
STEP 7: Presentation and Sign Off
Once the design scheme is ready a presentation meeting will be scheduled. All decision-makers must be present for this meeting. We will go through the design in detail and you will be presented with fabrics, drawings, photos and samples for each element in the design. By this stage, we should have a complete design scheme that meets your approval. You will also be given a budget outlining the cost of each item, and work orders to sign off on where appropriate. The balance of the design service fee is due at the time of this meeting.
Timely approval of the design scheme is crucial for maintaining accurate pricing and ensuring the availability of some design elements (fabrics or antiques, for example). If the design is not approved in a timely manner there may be additional costs associated with replacing items that are no longer available. Once the design has been approved and all elements are finalized we can begin executing the design.
STEP 8: Proposals and Purchasing
Before any trades are hired or items are purchased on your behalf you will receive a proposal that details the work to be done or item to be purchased along with all known associated costs. (Freight and delivery are usually billed separately). Proposals are the safety net to make sure we stay on the same page throughout the design execution and nothing gets purchased without your approval.
You will receive two copies of each proposal – one for your records, and one that you will sign and return to our office with payment for approved items. For fabric, furnishings, antiques and other off-the-shelf items payment must be made in full when the proposal is approved. The balance on each order will be due when the merchandise is ready for delivery or when services provided by trades are substantially completed.
STEP 9: Trades Work Begins
If there is work to be done by trades we schedule this as soon as possible. We manage the scheduling and oversee the work to make sure the design is executed properly and with the highest quality workmanship.
STEP 10: Follow Up
Throughout the design process we manage the project and stay on top of the details. We will crosscheck to make sure work by trades is underway or has been satisfactorily completed, all concerns have been addressed, furniture ordered, payments made, schedule on track, and no detail overlooked. We’ll schedule a brief meeting to review anything left outstanding or any changes that need to be made.
STEP 11: Installation, Styling, and Photography
This is where the vision becomes a reality. All work by trades has been completed. Now the furniture is delivered, window treatments are installed, rugs laid, accessories placed and art hung. Installation for a whole home usually requires one week, and we prefer clients remain off site until the last detail is in place. When you return, you will get the “WOW” effect! Our goal is to have projects professionally photographed before occupants return when possible.
STEP 12: Deficiencies List
A deficiencies list consists of all the little things at the end of a project that are left outstanding or need attention (such as paint touch-ups or missing lamps). We’ll go through each room together and compile the list. We’ll arrange to have each thing on the list addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. If there’s something that’s not right, don’t worry…. We’ll make sure it gets taken care of and you won’t be left high and dry.
STEP 13: Miscellaneous Extras 
This step is the catch-all for all the “while we’re at it we might as well…” things that get added to the “to do list” throughout the project, including anything that is not identified in the scope of the original contract. These items will be handled in conjunction with the original project but will be budgeted and invoiced under a separate agreement as an addendum to the original contract. No additional work will be started without a signed agreement. Where ever possible additional work will be fit into the schedule to maximize on time and materials.
STEP 14: Maintenance Binder 
Once everything is in place, we will present you with a maintenance binder that details the best cleaning methods for your furnishings, as well as recommended cleaners when possible. We want to make sure your investment in your home or office is protected for many years to come.
STEP 15: The Big Finish!
Now that your home or office is complete, and you are armed with the information you need to keep it beautiful for years to come.
COST: $180.00 / HR 
An initial retainer deposit of $5000-$10,000, depending on the scope of work, is due at the onset of each project.
Here’s what our clients have to say about our full service design and project management service:
“When I officially met Erika we clicked just like I thought we would. She could almost read my mind and complete my sentences based on what she discovered through the ideas I sent her. She put together a portfolio and presented ideas that I loved. Once she had the go-ahead for the ideas, everything was ordered, and then she came to install! The best part is, she used so much of what I had and placed things with ideas I never would have thought of, or had the self-confidence to follow through with. The end result was a beautiful first floor of my home that is warm, inviting, and livable, which is so important! I can’t say enough about Erika’s talent and sweet, warm attitude towards me as a client, but now also a friend!” – M. Douglas

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