Erika Ward is an interior design phenom as far as I am concerned! I love what she did to my two bedroom condo. It is inviting, comfortable, and absolutely gorgeous! There is something to be said about a home that makes you want to spend time in it purely based on how it feels because of how it has been decorated. From her design consultation to her finished work – it was all a great experience. I am a picky person who doesn’t trust herself when it comes to huge decorating decisions. Erika eased my discomfort by answering my questions and explaining the “why” behind each option that she presented to me. Her room renderings were also especially helpful with allowing me to see a vision of what each room would look like once completed. Trusting Erika with my home was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love my place!

J. Porter

Atlanta, GA

When I officially met Erika, and we clicked just like I though we would. She could almost read my mind and complete my sentences based on what she discovered through my ideas I had sent her. She put together a portfolio and presented ideas that I loved. Once she had the go-ahead for the ideas, everything was ordered, and then she came to install! The best part is, she used so much of what I had and placed things with ideas I never would have thought of, or had the self-confidence to follow through with. The end result was a beautiful first floor of my home that is warm, inviting, and liveable. Which is so important! I can’t say enough about Erika’s talent and sweet, warm attitude towards me as a client, but now also a friend!

M. Douglas

Atlanta, GA

Erika Ward is an AMAZING designer that my family has had the pleasure to work with on not one but two homes! I was initially introduced to Erika through one of my dear friends who always spoke about her cousin that was an interior decorator. After visiting her website to view her beautiful work, I decided to contact her for a consultation and the rest was history! My husband and I both have technical professions with zero creativity when it comes to decorating. After providing general information about how we use each room as well as a sense of our style, we allowed her free range of using her design expertise to work her magic! We were more than happy we did that when we saw the presentation and transformation of our homes into master pieces we would have never imagined. She is very passionate about her work and she takes pleasing her customers very personal which is a trait I love about her. She is such a sweet, loving person that we actually formed a friendship over the course of the projects. See has more than exceeded our expectations and we will certainly continue to use her on our future projects. Highly recommend her for anyone that wants a great interior decorator or even someone that is already creative but need additional ideas!

A. Guerrier

Kennesaw, Georgia

“With her guidance, design expertise, true vision, and patience with me, Erika has made our condo a place we love to come home to.”

K. Russell

Historic Decatur, Georgia

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