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This post is sponsored by Panasonic. All opinions expressed are my own.

Is it just me or does it seem like every time we turn around, we’re running out of space? We’re searching for more leg room, elbow room, head space, closet space, counter space, shall I continue?

Clutter is named as a prime suspect in what’s stealing our precious space and whether you live in the city or the suburbs the problem remains the same. If you work from home, then seems you have twice the challenge.

Recently, Panasonic partnered with celebrity interior designer Robin Wilson and issued the Maximize Your Space Challenge. I gladly accepted. So far, in my home we created a happy home office where the kids could work alongside me.

Erika Ward in Better Homes and Gardens

Then, my husband made a career change so we carved out a nook in the hallway to accommodate the kids because…

Homework Nook by Erika Ward

…my husband and his business moved in with me.

Panasonic Link2Cell Docking Station

As a part of the Maximize Your Space Challenge, Panasonic sent me the Panasonic KX-PRL262 (iPhone) Link to Cell Docking Station and I had the perfect place for it.

With the Panasonic KX-PRL262 (iPhone) Link to Cell Docking Station for iPhone, my husband and I can both sync our smartphones to home phone via Bluetooth®, no landline required. We can make and receive cell calls with Link2Cell handsets, stream music from our smartphone with built-in speakers, keep our iPhone5® charged via lightening connector (there’s a version for android users too!). We never miss a text with talking ID alerts from Link2Cell handsets.

Panasonic KX-PRL262 (iPhone) Link to Cell Docking Station

Office  by Erika Ward Interiors

What I love most about this product is that it can perform more than one task making it a great choice for maximizing space.


Storage by Erika Ward Interiors

Its streamline design fits seamlessly into our office décor.

Office by Erika Ward Interiors

There’s a separate docking station for the second phone.

Panasonic Link2Cell Handset

In addition to our new office technology, we’ve also benefitted from Panasonic’s FlashXpress™ Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating for the kitchen. Its double infrared heating feature gives this kitchen essential the ability to function like an oven and requires no pre-heating. Though it is compact in size, it still maintains a spacious interior and can cook everything from waffles to pizza to turkey bacon!

With our morning rush, kids and all, our breakfast prep needs to be made simple and tasty!


With so many great things to say about my new products from Panasonic, it’s only right that I give Blulabel Bungalow readers a chance to win both the Panasonic KX-PRL262 (iPhone) OR KX-PRD262 (Android) Link to Cell Docking Station and the Panasonic FlashXpress™ Toaster Oven with Double Infrared Heating! You’ll thoroughly enjoy both or they make a perfect gift for the holidays.

Here’s how to enter to win:

Leave a comment below telling us how you use your #SpaceToTheMax. Receive additional entries for sharing this giveaway on twitter. Be sure to use the #SpaceToTheMax hashtag and mention @HomePanasonic. Contest ends on Thursday, November 6th 11:59pm EST. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We can never get enough helpful (and healthful) tips on Maximizing Your Space. Here are even more tips from celebrity interior designer Robin Wilson:

In the Living Room: Choose furniture for a small living room that is appropriate for the space. For example, avoid sofas with skirts and select couches that are raised off the floor to create a more open look.

Storage: Living simply can go a long way toward making your home feel larger. Every season, go through your closet and toss aside items that are worn out, no longer fit, or are out of style. Use creative storage solutions to make more space. For example, an ottoman that doubles as a trunk is a great place to store old photos and keepsakes. A bike rack that mounts to the wall can clear valuable floor space in your foyer.

Throughout the Home: Ensure that you have lighting at floor, table and eye level to help limit shadows. Another trick is to use a tall lamp to draw eyes upwards and add height to the room. A small home is no excuse for feeling cramped. With a few interior design strategies in place, you can make even the smallest space feel larger in size.

See how others how use their #SpaceToTheMax on Instagram and twitter. Join the fun by posting your own photos and don’t forget to mention @HomePanasonic and use the #SpaceToTheMax hashtag!

I acknowledge that Panasonic is partnering with me to participate in this Maximize Your Space Challenge. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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  1. Darcel says:

    Our bonus room is used as an office for two, game room for two little ones, reading area, and tv room for our family of four.

  2. brenda parson says:

    My husband and I just moved into our new home that also offers an office space. With my work load and my community events this will allow me the space that is needed. With #SpaceToTheMax I will be able to utilize all of the space in the office. These community events impact so many families that keep me inspired by their comments. If @HomePanasonic offers me this great reward it will allow me to have it all with corporate america, philanthrophy spirit for the community and continue to balance my family social events as well.

  3. Antoinette says:

    My nightstand is also my desk & vanity. To say that space is at a premium…..is an epic understatement! To be able to use my cell for business calls and music while getting dressed or blogging…..without the clutter would be AWESOME!

  4. Fay says:

    Wow!! Love your office…especially how you organize your sample books.
    Your office is organized, colorful and I didn’t see cord or wire clutter. I’m so inspired to get it together in my office.

    Thanks for this post…Beautiful

  5. Tea says:

    To be honest my family could use help in the space management department, all over the house.

  6. Tyler says:

    I would use this in my new apartment!! This would be very convenient and I’m in love with the style!

  7. Danica H says:

    My daughter’s room for sure! Class of 2016!! This would be GREAT for her to take to college when the time comes!!! **crosses fingers and toes**

  8. Darlene says:

    I use my bedroom closet as a small office. My home has a his and hers closet so I’ve used one as my home office. I’ve placed my desk, chair and small printer in front of the window. Although the space is small it works!!

  9. Andrea Smoak says:

    This could really help organize my desk, and as a woman on the go I could use the ease of a quick and convenient meal. The duo is a perfect companion for a busy girl like me. It would also help my husband, who constantly misplaces his phone and waits for me to create magic in the kitchen. Good Luck To All! Hoping to add this as a new addition to my home!

  10. Carissa says:

    I would probably use this once we moved to save on space! I love the features like the Bluetooth and speaker…so I probably would keep it for a present for my new space!

  11. Sharon Duke says:

    I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Charhanda says:

    I can only say that it has to be by divine coincidence that Ann item that I just added too my Amazon wish list (the docking station) is being given away! I am in the process of streamlining and eliminating in my home and both these amazing products would help aid in that process. Space saved is an understatement!

  13. Erin Martin says:

    Wow! With 3 little ones of my own, space is always limited so anything that allows me to maximize is awesome. The basement serves as the multipurpose office, family room, play room, laundry room and spare bedroom if family is in town LOL so that is #SpaceToTheMax surely. And these featured Panasonic items would surely be more than welcome in my home. I particularly love the toaster oven. Getting up and out in the morning is probably the most challenging. But I always ensure my kids are well fed. Good luck to me!

  14. Amara Kaplan says:

    My design plans are always multi-use, and I always build upwards to maximize space. I’d love to win this to utilize a bit more space!

  15. Alina says:

    Our guest bedroom serves as sleeping arena 🙂 for family and friend when they are in town, but also serves as my craft/wrap anything and everything room. And, it is also the play area for my children. I try to use it as my #SpaceToTheMax if you will. I love all the features of the Panasonic items!

  16. Jamila J. says:

    I could use this to maximize my desk space. Now matter how often I organized, it still seems cluttered. The multifunctional phone will be a great assest to my work space.

  17. Gaynor Mann says:

    My guest room is used as a sewing room, crafting room, and business center through clever storage solutions. I built a full wall, ceiling to floor, cabinet and open shelf, storage unit to accommodate all of the supplies I use. When guests come to town I can store everything out of sight.

  18. Yvette says:

    I would love to win! Our family (especially our teen) needs a docking station! I love the streamlined look and the crisp lines. This will be perfect for our family room. We can use anything that will eliminate clutter. The FlashXpress toaster oven would be a LIFESAVER for me! We are always rushing in the morning with trying to grab a quick meal. This will be a great way for me to prepare something quick and healthy for my boys. In addition, we have such a small kitchen with limited counter space. The space saving feature is greatly needed! #SpaceToTheMax!

  19. Brynn says:

    With #SpacetotheMax I would be able to create a small office space near my kitchen. Family life is hectic these days. Especially if a child has special needs.

  20. Anita says:

    I have two office areas one in the kitchen and one in our home office. I am a software engineer and both my husband and I carry many hand held devices, plus we have 2 kids who love playing on our devices. This would be a great solution to keeping our devices fully charged and organized. The toaster would come in handy in cooking quick meals for the family while working at home.

  21. merry z says:

    What a great giveaway! An organized central location for docking and charging would be wonderful. And the FlashXpress toaster oven? No pre-heating? This baby is one item that would be used at home and in our travel trailer. Trailer real estate is precious. Good-bye big, bulky oven. Hello, Panasonic FlashXpress!

  22. Johanna says:

    We buy furniture pieces that offer extra storage space.

  23. Ernestine Nesby says:

    Your blog is always worth reading and the products and services you introduce to your reading are top of the line. I have several Panasonic products and these two items that you listed in your blog would work wonderful and efficient in my small center location in my home. Continue providing great info to your readers.

  24. Raye Cage says:

    My bedroom is my office so I have to be very creative & use the space to the max. I think of it as a micro-mini house and divide it in 2 zones – sleeping/living & office. All furniture has double or triple duty. Storage boxes are places to sit, bed is a couch (by day), file cabinet has office supplies & clothes, etc. I am also working on an idea to better utilize my closet space – expanding just a few more inches would give me “breathing” room and that would be awesome. The idea you mentioned about getting a tall lamp is genius I always have problems with shadows & could never figure out why. Plus it won’t take up any of my valuable desk/table top space. Thanks Erika.

  25. Rosa Grigsby says:

    I try to stay organized by using storage containers to reduce clutter in my small apartment.

  26. Valerie says:

    As a family of seven I am constantly looking for ways to use my space wisely. Since we have begun homeschooling I have transitioned my family room and living room into school/relaxing rooms. I enjoy reading your blog for even more inspiration!

  27. Sean C says:

    Our family is a tad disorganized, but some of the way we think about space planning/managing is to put all the toys in baskets. We have a basket in every room of the house. We also use a desk for multiple purposes – homework, crafts and paying bills. We have two seats on the desk so a few things can get accomplished at the same time.

  28. Mark says:

    Great giveaway! My wife utilizes both the kitchen and our den as an office for her health/wellness/beauty blog/magazine (beautifully-blended.com). And as a result, the kids and I are always looking for opportunities to maximize our use of both spaces while minimizing our footprint (I mean I like watching the football game in there!). Either product would be a great opportunity for us to do both. Thanks for the opportunity to win both! And keep up the great work!


  29. HilLesha says:

    I’d use it on my desk to help create more space. 🙂

  30. Crystal C says:

    My husband and I recently purchased a home and are currently figuring out how to maximize our space. We use out guest bedroom for guests, of course, but it also serves as extra storage space, office space and a laundry station since it’s so close to our washer/dryer.

  31. Laura says:

    I would love to try the phone for my home office. It would be nice to have another phone around.

  32. Trenese Jackson says:

    With #SpaceToTheMax this would definitely help us organize our home office space. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great giveaway.


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Over a decade ago, I exchanged my corporate life in building construction for an opportunity to enhance your personal home via decoration and renovation. My mission? To help busy professionals make their homes their sanctuaries.

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