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I have a wandering eye…at least when it comes to interior design [insert a sigh of relief from my husband]. I post many different decorating styles here on BluLabel Bungalow and my clientele is just as diverse. I find it ironic when I become completely smitten with a design style, usher in Sarah Davison‘s clean, cross-cultural spaces, I will suddenly get a call or email from someone interested in this same aesthetic. Coincidence? Gee, I hope you call soon. I’d love to do this to your home:

It scares me when people throw around the word eclectic because I get a completely different visual of the space; its usually not a good one. Though I see mid-century modern, contemporary, and global influences in the above breezeway, I wouldn’t dare label it simply eclectic. I’d describe it in detail as what it truly is.

Dark wide-planked flooring  that runs throughout the loft reinforces the continuity and provides a clue to the home’s seaside locale.

A melange of tropical fruit brings this kitchen to life. Gorgeous, the upper cabinets would not have had the same effect without the glass doors. Its reflectiveness bounces the glorious sunshine from the adjacent set of windows. I love it  when designers allow Mother Nature to have a hand in the decorating process!

The dining room has a well traveled look that can now be fortunately attained through local retailers like World Market and West Elm. Most are just reproductions, while others are actual pieces designed and crafted by local artists.  I was also recently introduced to a husband and wife team who imports home decor and art from Bali, Bali Boutique. I was pleasantly surprised by their affordable price point, too!

Sidenote: Have you seen West Elm’s latest collection curated by South African artisans? Love.

Last winter I purchased two of their basket pendants on closeout, similar to the ones above. Now I’m wishing I’d bought the third.

I saved the best image for last…I can barely type this post for biting my fist.  Sydney Harbour. There are no words [now biting the other fist].

The entire home is feature in the 164-page edition of Australian Vogue Living Before + After which celebrates the resourcefulness and creativity of Australian designers and architects. If this is only a preview of what’s inside, I need to make it a priority to get access to the entire issue.


images courtesy of Sarah Davison Interior Design


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