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If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then we should discuss savory recipes that’ll motivate him to redecorate— and possibly make a few other household repairs.


Think about his favorite meal cooking with just minutes left on the timer, the aroma of garlic, herbs, and spices floating in the air, the clinking of plates and glasses as you set the table. He’s putty in your hands before he takes the first bite.

Not a cook? Fear not. There’s hope for us.

To be honest with you cooking isn’t my forte. I’m no Pioneer Woman. And you probably aren’t either. For that reason I’ve concocted a different recipe of sorts for winning the hearts of men—my own and my clients’ husbands.

Wait, that didn’t come out right. Let me explain.

Men are full of it. Surprises, that is…

Men are predictable creatures, but every now and then they’ll surprise you with opinions on matters you thought they’d care less about.

For example, decorating.

Let’s take a look at possible responses you’ve heard when you announce that you’re making a few changes around the house:

Things are great the way they are. Why do you need to change anything?”

Why do you want to paint the wood? You’ll ruin it!”

A chandelier? But I need a ceiling fan in the dining room, too. It gets hot in here when I’m carving the turkey.” 


How You Can Change His Mind

I could go on and on with the objections I’ve heard from husbands. Even my own husband during our earlier years. Thank goodness I no longer have this problem. He even offered his expertise for women by providing 5 key phrases to use when attempting to motivate a husband to redecorate. I added my two cents as well. Here goes, 

1. “I’ve got a surprise for you.” Let’s face it we all like surprises especially when we receive something we really want. Consider carving out a space especially for him. Decorate his home office, create a media room from a spare bedroom, organize his closet, or purchase a new, comfortable leather chair. 

What is it with men and leather anyway? 

Do something specifically for him that will increase his enjoyment at home. When he’s the immediate beneficiary, he’s more likely to recognize the intrinsic value of home decor.

2. “Allow me to set the stage for more intimacy.” Help him to recall a time when you said, “yes” more than you said “no.” Relive those times by discussing your favorite vacation destination, how you wore that black dress he loves to dinner, the perfume you wore, and the romantic suite in your favorite hotel. Have a picture handy or better yet framed to further stimulate the feeling you both had in those moment. Tell him you long to create such an atmosphere at home. It would be a win for the both of you.


3. “Let’s create a look that identifies us as a couple.” Newlyweds bring a hodgepodge of furniture into the marriage which often times makes the home feel disjointed. I can generally pick out what was his and what was probably hers, but there’s nothing that I can consider to be theirs. Starting a new life together should also provide room for making a fresh start in your home’s decor. Therefore when approaching him about redecorating, be sure to ask what things are most important to him. Then discuss the things that are most important to you. There may be a few conflicting ideas, but the goal is to compromise so that each party is happy with the end result.


4. “A man’s home is his castle. You deserve to live like a king.” Let’s face it. Your man works hard. You both do. Coming home to a place that reflects how hard you both work is rewarding. 


5. “I promise not to make the room too feminine.” 

When you say: “I want to redecorate.”

Men hear “I want to paint the room pink and sprinkle fairy dust over the coffee table.” 

Hopefully, that’s not your plan. Addressing this concern from the very beginning will open him up to your ideas. You may have to reiterate this point a few more times during the decorating process, but over time he will trust that you’ll keep preferences in mind as you make the final selections.

Lastly, here’s your bonus tip. From me, not him.

You can get what you want after you’ve tended to the more intimate side of your relationship. It’s just as simple as that. This tactic works whether you are motivating him to redecorate, wash the car, mow the lawn, or finally fix that broken toilet in the powder bath.

What words of advice do you have for motivating a husband to redecorate? Are you planning to try one of the tips above?



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